Why should we rest properly?

Why should we rest properly?

Why should we rest properly?  

Sleeping well not only helps in sports: a proper rest helps us to perform more at work and be happier Sleeping and fulfilling the days of rest well is fundamental for several reasons:

1. Resting will reduce stress and increase the production of testosterone, a basic hormone for athletes or if you want to lose weight.

2. Our muscles recover from stress while at rest.

3. Sleeping as necessary we will have more energy during the day and our trainings will be of higher quality.

4. Being rested is essential to be positive and be in a good mood.

How much should I rest?

It is essential to sleep at least 8 hours a night at a time and, if possible, a half hour of nap after lunch. In addition, there is a very simple trick to know if one day you need to rest from sports or not: Take the pulsations as soon as you wake up for a week in a row that you do not play sports: listen to us and make that sacrifice, a week without sports to do this and in the long run you will compensate it by far. Write down every day the pulsations you have, which you can take by eye or with a device to measure the tension.

It is important that you always take them at the same time. Well, now when one day you have doubts about whether you are sufficiently rested or not, take the pulsations and if they are higher is that you need to rest: it means that your body is pumping excess blood and nutrients to your muscles so that they recover yet.

I hope to have convinced you why it is important to rest well and the measures you must take to have a good rest and perform better in sports.