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for the Campus Vidimiri

Live A Unique Experience Of Basketball And Living

Together With Sergi Vidal And Albert Miralles, Players Of The ACB League


Live an unique experience, a basketball and fun experience with Sergi Vidal and Albert Miralles, players of the ACB league. With the possibility of doing one or two weeks of Campus, in La Nucía, Marina Baixa, Alicante.


Among our objectives are to create a culture of effort, participation, will and constancy. Work as a team to achieve a common goal. Know how to win and how to lose. Respect for workteams and also adversaries.


We have one of the best sports installations in the country, awarded the title of ``European City of Sport``. The Sports City Camilo Cano, in La Nucía and La Muixara College, will serve as a base of operations during the Campus.

Live a unique experience of basketball,

coexistence and fun.

We introduce the XI edition of the Basketball Campus of the professional players Sergi Vidal and Albert Miralles, . Once again the place chosen for its celebration is La Nucía, from Alicante, specifically in the spectacular installations of the Sport City Camilo Cano.

The dates for the 2020 edition of the Campus Vidimiri are from Sunday June 28 to Saturday 5 July and from Sunday 6 to Saturday 11 July, with the possibility of carrying out the two continuous weeks or just one.

Vidimiri is a mixed basketball and multi-age camp (8-18 years), both initiation and technical training, and our intention is to teach both novice and more advanced players to evolve in their respective teams.

Every camper that has participated in our Campus gets a great improvement in both basketball technique and social behavior since we have the maximum involvement of Albert and Sergi, and of course, a team of indisputable quality on and off the track.

In addition to Sergi Vidal and Albert Miralles, we have had Sergi Llull, Jorge Garbajosa, Pablo Prigioni, David Doblas, Ricardo Úritz, Albert VenturaCindy Lima and Silvia Domínguez among other top players and players who will teach you all Tricks resulting from his long experience.

In this new edition we will have guests of the same name that we will reveal as the calendar allows.



Includes accommodation in full board and participation in all activities, workshops and gifts. The internal campers have included the stay in the Colegio la Muixara and a maintenance of 5 meals daily.


Includes lunch-meal-snack-dinner (without accommodation and breakfast) and equipment for the Campus. Participation in all activities, workshops and gifts.


Includes all activities (except the night), lunch-meal-snack and equipment for the Campus. Participation in all activities, workshops and gifts.


The facilities of the Sports City Camilo Cano and La Muixara College , will serve as the base of operations during the Campus.

We have one of the best sports facilities in the country, as it has been awarded with the titles of European Sport Villa and National Sports Award..This badge certifies the excellence and modernity of its equipment.


1 shift = 1 week

It includes a week in the Campus Vidimiri, of any of the chosen shifts: from Sunday 28 of June to Saturday 4 of July or from Sunday 5 to Saturday 11 of July..

2 shifts = 2 weeks

Includes the two weeks of the campus, from Sunday June 28 to Saturday July 11.



    • Includes all activities
    • Stay at Colegio la Muixara
    • Full board
    • First and / or second shift


    • Includes all non-stay activities
    • Includes evening activities
    • Full board except breakfast
    • First and / or second shift


    • Includes all activities
    • Does not include the stay
    • Breakfast and dinner not included
    • First and / or second shift


The following discount conditions are only available for internal campers:
Repeaters: -5%. Those campers who have attended the Vidimiri campus in previous years must indicate this at the registration and we will automatically deduct 5% of the final price.
2º brother: -5%. In case several siblings sign up during the same promotion, 5% will be deducted from the second brother. Indicate it in the inscription to the campus and we will deduct it automatically.
Groups and Clubs: If you belong to a large group or a club contact us through our form
*The 5% discounts are not cumulative.


The practice of basketball will be divided into two slots: morning and afternoon. In each strip we will work on basketball in a different way, focusing on individual technique, with and without opposition in the morning, and shooting and competitions in the afternoon.


The first day will be of observation and valuation of the players. According to the approximate level, we will create work groups to obtain a greater performance of each player, trying that each group is of the same age range, although there can be exceptions.


From the second day, we will begin with the work of individual technique. Each coach will prepare an individual technique station, scheduled the previous day with the other coaches, in order to work on the individual aspects of the players. From there, each group of players will go through each coach’s individual technique station. The time of each season will vary according to the number of groups. Taking into account the different levels of play of each group, each coach should prepare variants in the exercises to be able to adapt them correctly, and thus to obtain an optimal evolution.


Before starting with the seasons, there will be a global warming, with all players and coaches.


Unlike in the morning, the afternoon groups will be exclusively according to the age. Within each group, at most there will be a difference of one year of age.
The first part of the training will be devoted to shooting. Each coach will be assigned a group of players, which will change every day. Each coach will prepare shooting exercises to improve and perfect the player, also using the shooting contests for greater motivation. On the last day there will be a shooting competition with all players on campus.


The second part of the training, will be dedicated to the competition. Taking into account the age and level, will be formed compensated teams so that the competition is equalized and all leave with the same possibilities of winning.


We will do normal match competitions, that is, 5 to 5, where the teams will consist of about 8 players, depending on the total number of players. A league table will be made with league, quarter-finals, semifinal and final.


We will also organize small game competitions, that is, 3×3, where the groups will consist of 4 or 5 players for maximum participation. The methodology will be the same as the previous one.


At the end of the campus, we will give gifts to the winning teams, as well as to the players who have won the shooting contests.