How to avoid basketball injuries

How to avoid basketball injuries

Today, starting from the saying “prevention is better than cure”, we want to give you some basic advice on how to avoid sports injuries in basketball.

Basketball is a sport that generates injuries above all due to sudden changes in rhythm and physical contact. We can also be injured by repetitive movements of arms and shoulders and the rapid pace of training.

Before starting the training we have to take into account the importance of warming up and stretching, especially the ankles, the twins, the quadriceps and the lumbar area.

How can we do the warm up?

The warm up should be aerobic and last about 15 minutes, doing small jumps, changes of pace, short races. Later we will start with the stretches. Dynamic stretches are preferable since they keep the body hotter and resemble the type of movements that we will perform later. Those who have already suffered an injury will have to spend a few more minutes to warm up and stretch the area in question with specific exercises to prevent relapse. In any case, the intensity of the warm-up and subsequent training are linked to the physical condition that is reflected in the sports medical certificate.


It is very important to wear proper footwear, with non-slip soles. The shoe must absorb the impacts; for this there are the shoes with air or gel chambers, which offer us a greater cushioning, getting to minimize the impact of the jumps. To avoid sprains, the footwear must allow the movement of the ankle while holding the foot of false movements. Regarding socks, it is important that they are made of cotton to absorb sweat and that they do not have seams to avoid friction.

The protections:


In cases of delicate ankles it is highly recommended the ankles in order to avoid kinks and bad gestures. There are several models in the market, you have to choose the most appropriate depending on the type of injury and anatomy of the player.

The knee pads are recommended to give more stability to the ligaments in case of patellar instability and discomfort in the region.

In the case of basketball, many players wear elbow protectors to prevent abrasions.

If we need to wear glasses to play, we must use the specific ones for sports since they are more resistant to the blows, and they are specially designed so that they do not fall and the sweat does not bother you in the eyes. There are many players who use glasses only as impact prevention.

Regarding decorative objects such as piercings, rings or earrings, it is recommended not to wear them during the game to avoid pulling.

And of course not chewing gum.


And when do we rest?


Overtraining eventually results in injuries from fatigue and injuries from overuse. Besides, fatigue can cause poor execution of movements increasing the risk of injury. So we must listen to our body, not force the situation and take a break when your body asks for it.


What else can be done? Strengthen muscles and tendons based on a controlled training of weights by specialists, continued hydration during exercise and a balanced diet to supply nutrients, will help you recover quickly. We hope you have been useful and … we wait for you in VIDIMIRI 2018, strong and without injuries!